How to Create an Outdoor Mushroom Patch.

We recommend reading this grow guide HERE first to gain an understanding of how mushrooms grow and learn the basic terms of mushroom cultivation before turning back and reading this guide below.

Creating a mushroom patch in the garden is an enormously easy and fun way to get amazing seasonal crops of mushrooms for years on end! Make the patch in spring and if conditions are good you may end up with mushrooms in the autumn of the same year!

All you need is a cool shady spot which you can dig down in to create a shallow hole, some dried hardwood chips (a hardwood sawdust and straw mix works just as well), some large sheets of brown corrugated cardboard such as packaging boxes and grain or sawdust spawn of your desired mushroom species to spread over the patch. You could even get some grass seed or flowers to plant on top of the patch once it has settled in.

First things first, get a spade. The square meterage of your patch is entirely up to you but no matter how wide you make the trench you need to keep a consistent depth of 20-30cms as you clear it out.

Next layer this shallow trench with corrugated cardboard so there is a layer on the ground, this will be the decomposable weed barrier. Soak the cardboard with water from the hose till sodden.

On this cardboard sheet spread a thin layer of your broken up bag of mushroom spawn, this will form a base platform for the mycelium to launch upwards through the woodchips towards the surface.

Cover this spawn layer in a good layer of woodchips at least 10cms thick. On these woodchips layer more mushroom spawn. Repeat this process one more time ending up with the top layer as woodchips and the mycelium sandwiched in between the multiple layers of woodchips underneath.

The final stage unless seed planting is to thoroughly soak the mushroom patch. Make sure it's all watered in, which will help the mycelium gain a good foothold. You could then cover the patch in fast growing seeds to give it some cover and shade or cover the patch in more sheets of cardboard to keep it shaded.

Make sure to keep the patch moist and watered through the summer and if all goes well come autumn you may be harvesting you outdoor crop.

So now it's just time to just sit back and wait for the mushrooms to do their thing.  

Find all the necessary kit you need to create your very own mushroom patch HERE.

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