Mushroom Cultivation Bags (tubing for straw logs)

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These mushroom bags are made from plastic lay flat tubing cut into 50 cm lengths. Simply use one of the two cable ties supplied per bag and tie off one end of the tubing bag to fill up with your substrate and spawn mix then, once the mixture is packed down tightly in the bag, tie off the open end with the other cable tie. Air holes are then poked into the packed bag to allow the mycelium to breathe and the bag is placed in a dark warm room.

These bags are commonly used in the Oyster mushroom cultivation world as a low tech easy way to grow delicious clusters of Oyster mushrooms. The bags, once filled, are normally hung vertically from scaffolding or some other strong support or smaller bags can be fruited on shelving and window sills.

Once the bag is fully colonized and the mycelium is ready to fruit, the mushrooms are then encouraged to grow out of the air holes that were poked in the sides of the bags through introduction of the correct fruiting conditions.

It's so easy anyone can give it a go! Try growing delicious mushrooms with your children, family and friends for an amazing gourmet treat!

Each bag can hold up to 10 kilos of spawn and substrate mix and can be cut down into smaller sized bags as needed.

We recommend using these bags with these straw pellets.