A packet of Tree Oyster mushroom Coffee by Cambridge Mushrooms

Tree Oyster Mushroom Coffee

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A delicious blend of roasted ground coffee and dried Tree Oyster mushroom.

This blend has been carefully worked on to make sure the taste is to perfection with the two flavours wonderfully complementing each other. As easy to make as any other ground coffee, simply make with your percolator, coffee machine or a simple coffee filter and pot to make the amazing taste of this coffee come alive.

Contains 5% dehydrated Oyster mushrooms per 120gram packet of mushroom coffee.

Oyster mushrooms are full of amazing beneficial compounds that are great for our bodies and drinking them is a great way to get them if you don't normally like the taste of mushrooms or are looking for an easy way to add more nutrition into your diet.

We grow these mushrooms on our gourmet mushrooms farm where we expertly dry them, powder them then carefully blend with roasted ground coffee we source from responsible suppliers.